The Reasons Why I Move The Bow to be A Programmer By Joining Xsis Academy

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Some of you have already known that I was a prior freelance writer. But, I have indeed new activity now. I’m crawling to learn the basic of programming, making slow progress to be a real software engineer. Moving into the IT industry from non-IT background doesn’t matter. When there is a will, there is a way! 

I find that the programmer is very useful to our life. The rapid development of technology must be coupled with the emergence of the new reliable programmer. That’s why I value them having great future. Fortunately, there is Xsis Academy that provides programming bootcamp for people from diverse background. Thoughtlessly, I decided to be a part of Xsis Academy. The following is the reasons why I join the academy: 

Freelance Writer Tips : How To Write An Article With The Topic You Are Not Familiar With?

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It looks like I will write about freelance writer more often on this blog. Since I don’t have other interesting topics, it leads me to make a niche for it. Anyway, I have been a freelance writer for the last two years, but I fairly confess that I just master a few topics like digital marketing, technology, lifestyle, and hobby. How do I deal if the project from client excludes my expertise? Something like medicine, economic, company, fashion or girly things is such a troublesome topic for me.

As a freelancer, I barely know whether the project I apply relate to an easy topic. In some cases, clients post a very limited information about the project. The freelancers will be surprised by the killer topic after getting approval. It also happened to me. I was offered to write something about an erotic article. Of course, I gave the courtesy to turn it down. However, what if the topic still makes sense but you are not familiar with it?

Pros and Cons Being Part-Time Freelance Writer

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It’s been more than a year since I dived into the world of a freelancer. I lacked money back then. The salary as an office worker was insufficient to live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. So, I ended up to be a part-time freelance writer. Even though initialized by a lot of rejections from the clients, I kept building a perfect portfolio in writing by any means until I got my first project, writing product description for a printing company. I was so happy and impassioned since writing was my hobby and I would be paid for it. 

After getting some projects, the problems came up later. I didn’t have enough time to meet the deadline. I had to work in the office during the day and become a night creature doing my freelance projects. Coupled with poor time-management, I started to shatter my focus and stole time while working. Everything was disorganized!