My Personal Experience Ordering the Service of “Pijat Profesional Go Massage”

Small towel, lotion, oil and aromatherapi that set up by Go Massage

Some of you have probably heard information about Go-Jek. However, Go-Jek application does not only have online ojek service but also have lots of other services. For instance, Go-Massage Indonesia which provides the calling service of professional health massage in your home. Well, what a coincidence, few days ago I have ordered the service of “pijat profesional Go Massage”. My body feels so exhausted after returning from a business trip in Kalimantan. Yet, since I am so lazy to go to the masseuse, finally I prefer to use Go Massage gojek.

“Pijat profesional Go Massage” is not a weird massage service. You don’t think of erotic massage because all the masseuses of Go massage itself isn’t an improper person. Based on the information I found on everywhere and from Go Massage website, all the masseuses are professional with at least 2-year experiences in spa & wellness. Furthermore, when you choose Go Massage service in Go-Jek application, you’ll be offered by four options among others are full body massage; full body massage and scrub (lulur); full body massage and face pressure totok wajah; and full reflexology. But, since I only needed a massage on the feet and hand, then at that time I chose full reflexology.

Easy Tips to Find Passion in Yourself !!!

working as passion
Passion will help you to obtain motivation of optimal working (via :

Before giving tips to find passion, I would like to tell you what passion is. Passion is an energy or we could simply say as a power that generated by a deep love of doing something. Actually, there are three main reasons for you to have a passion: it will give you comfort to do an activity, it will help you to obtain motivation of optimal working, and it will deliver happiness to you along the day.

When talking about self-development, passion takes such an important role to let us keep enthusiastic or pleased of doing your preferred activity. With passion, all the things you do will produce good results because passion forces you to totally give all the love in doing so.

You Can Do It : Tips to Become The Best Freelance Writer

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Maybe some of you have already know that I am a freelance writer. Becoming freelance writer seems exciting, because you live leisurely at home. Yeah, especially for those who have known the work rhythm. Life goes easily and many things you can do. Otherwise, it is not quiet easy for those who don’t have personal discipline and commitment. The following tips can probably be your consideration to fully work as freelance writer. Here are tips to become the best freelance writer :

17 Benefits of Having A Blog, Lets Start to Make a Blog if You Don’t Have One !!!

What is actually the benefits of blogging? Is it useless if we don’t have a personal blog? 

Basically, creating or having a blog has lots of benefits. Blog will be a media to sharpen our writing skill, to share experiences, knowledges, stories, and also to share our sorrow. Blog can be your online diary and personal branding at once. You can also make it for business purpose or getting some money on the internet. You might be hear some blogger say “Make money with your blog”. At least blog can be media for online promoting of your product or service. 

Creating blog is free! Just need such a strong desire, a high motivation and an obvious target.

Internet users who don’t have blog is arguably very unfortunate. Why? Because they will only be consumer or viewer, without being the person behind it, they can even be victim! By being a blogger, it means you will be a person who control information, shape the opinion and many more.

Here are 17 benefits of having a blog, if you don’t have one, lets start to make it !