E-Commerce in Indonesia

Shopping is an activity that can't be separated from every people anywhere in the earth. Even today shopping or trading has been done by a variety of ways, one of the most remembered is barter. The time doesn't stop, innovation is done continuously and decorate all the shopping activities. Started by money invention as the currency up to the newest one to shop using electronic media or E-Commerce.

Have you ever heard about E-Commerce? What is the real meaning of E-Commerce? If your hobby is online shopping, actually you would know what it is. Simply, E-Commerce is buying and selling process via an electronic media. But the reality says that E-Commerce is often implemented using a website on the internet. Because of the online implementation, of course, it needs the internet connection to do. While for the payment, the buyer just transfers the money to the seller or does cash on delivery with the seller. So, for you who shop online no need to go to the mall, shop, or even market anymore because the transaction can be done anywhere and anytime for 7x24 hours.

In Indonesia, E-Commerce industries are developing fastly. It is proved by many television ads about online selling and buying sites. They compete to promote their site using a variety of ways, starting from the ad that seems very elegant using a beautiful model up to the funniest scenario that can make us laugh. The purpose is simple, attracting the interest of buyer and seller in order to trade on their website. Not only promoting but also knowing the types and characteristics of the buyer so the online businessman will be more understand and sprightful in serving the market urge.

Number of Online Buyers and Sellers are Growing Continuously

The growth of the number of internet users in Indonesia is increasing every year. Even in 2014, the internet users in Indonesia are equal to 15 % of the total population of Indonesia so it can be ensured that E-Commerce Industry has a promising business opportunity. Along the time, the internet users completely start to know E-Commerce. They begin to leave manual transaction and try to feel the new experience in online shopping.

There are 3 Models of E-Commerce in Indonesia

Anyway, have you ever felt the online shopping experience? And do you know how many models of E-Commerce in Indonesia? Actually, there are 3 models of E-Commerce in Indonesia, those are a classified ad, marketplace, and retail. Those models come up caused by the number of online sellers and buyers are growing and every of them have a different desire, but of course they want the safest transaction process. But recently, people also do online shopping via social media such as facebook or Instagram.

4 Types of Online Buyers in Indonesia

We have talked a lot about E-Commerce In Indonesia, now is the time to talk about the buyer. In Indonesia, we have 4 types of online buyer who has the uniqueness of each type.

"The Seeker" this type always buys the item specifically because they have known the specification of the item they want to buy. To get their attention and loyalty, what should be done by the seller to this type is keeping the shop to always be the top of search result.

"The Researcher" this type hasn't known specifically about what kind of item they want to buy. Browsing at the online shops is used as researching before buying any item. The effort to attract their attention is giving the new knowledge about your product but not giving the impression as if we are a smart ass and patronizing.

"The Discount Lover" this type always hunts the discount from any online shops. Actually, they don't really need the sold item. But the discount, coupon, and prize are what they really look for. Apparently, they are the easiest type to be attracted by providing a great discount, and then they will come automatically. But please remember, something to be obtained easily will also disappear easily.

"The Window Shopper" this type always browses the product in an online shop without any intention to buy. For their, browsing is a fun activity to spend the free time. The effort that can be conducted to take their attention is making a shop as attractive as possible, so they will not only browse but also find their bank account drained because of shopping.

Keeping the Popularity of E-Commerce

Reaching the popularity always be easier than keep it exist, and that's what should E-Commerce industries do in order not to go bankrupt.

For the seller, using this new trading model doesn't need a lot of funds and it has low risk. Based on those realities, they can override the shop infrastructure and the rental fees, they will be more focus on what they will sell to earn more profits. Even the seller can trade across the oceans and continents because what they need is only an internet connection. While for the buyer, certainly online shopping facilitate them because of no more time limit. The buyer can buy anytime 7x24 hours and they can also compare any item from a different shop.

However, if there are positive sides, there will be negative sides. Definitely, E-Commerce also has a shortage on the seller and buyer side because a lot of people said that online shopping has too many frauds. Sometimes displayed item on the etalase doesn't match with the reality or the purchased item is not sent.

In order to reduce the anxiety of buyers and reduce the number of mischievous sellers, Government should make the regulation that could define the legal restriction of E-Commerce. So that E-Commerce can be more beneficial to both of buyer and seller.


  1. Yesterday I read news about government dicussing some regulation for it. One of them is that both seller and customer should provide NPWP to make a transaction, which I think it will be ridiculous from the customer's point of view.

    1. Yes I've also heard about it, I think the government are bunch of "orang pinter yang keblenger". They are planning something that make us difficult. That's why Indonesia is always left behind, because we have them.

      For your information, Tokopedia will be planning to move to singapore if the new regulation is applied soon, seriously.

  2. Nowadays, people are being lazy to go to shopping to the mall etc. Because of e-commerce were growing out of standing. They give us easy way to get what we need. But be careful, the best way to do the transaction is using COD (cash on delivery). Benar atau tidak Mas???