17 Benefits of Having A Blog, Lets Start to Make a Blog if You Don’t Have One !!!

What is actually the benefits of blogging? Is it useless if we don’t have a personal blog? 

Basically, creating or having a blog has lots of benefits. A blog will be a media to sharpen our writing skill, to share experiences, knowledge, stories, and also to share our sorrow. A blog can be your online diary and personal branding at once. You can also make it for business purpose or get some money on the internet. You might hear some blogger say “Make money with your blog”. At least blog can be media for online promoting of your product or service. 

Creating blog is free! Just need such a strong desire, a high motivation, and an obvious target.

Internet users who don’t have a blog are arguably very unfortunate. Why? Because they will only be consumer or viewer, without being the person behind it, they can even be a victim! By being a blogger, it means you will be a person who controls information, shape the opinion and much more.

Here are 17 benefits of having a blog, if you don’t have one, let's start to make it !

1. Get a Better Job

A blog can help you to get a better job than your current job.

According to MediaBistro, 9 of 10 companies check the profile by online before hiring. All boss or manager want to recruit people who have high influence on the internet. Blogging is the only way to get the influence. By blogging, you indirectly show your profile, passion, hobby, expertise and even character at once which reflected by your post or content.  

Photographer, designer, etc can publish their portfolio on a blog, and also share tips that show skills in photography, design or their fields. In sum, a blog will be personal branding. Promoting your skill and identity by online.

2. Start a New Business

A blog can be a media of business. Occasionally, the beginning of blogging comes up from a hobby, but develops into a full-time business, like experienced by Pat Flynn. He started to blog on Green Exam Academy just for sharing opinion and reviewing about architecture. When he quitted the job, he decided to take care his blog more serious than before, and then after a year had passed, his blog earned 100000$ a year!

3. Get More Client to Your Existing Business

The static website doesn’t increase new client and consumers. But, updating a blog regularly can generate a constant stream of good that leads from all around the world. By the time you publish a blog post that helps potential client or consumer to solve their problem, then they will respect and think you are an expert on that skill. When they need your help again, they will probably be interested in recruiting you.

4. Become a Better Writer  

A blog can help you to be a better writer. The blog will sharpen your writing skill. I would say the best way to practice writing is by having a blog. Writing pages and pages, day after day. The more you blog, the more you write – and the better writer you become.

5. Become a Published Author

Other benefits of having a blog, you can become a writer on real media. Blogging is not only the best way to be a better writer, but also the fastest way to be a writer on mass media. You can write a review of something and get paid for your writing.

6. Get Immediate Feedback

Getting feedback quickly. A book writer must wait for a long time to get feedback for their book. But a blogger can get feedback on the same day they publish their article via comment form. It is the reason that creating a blog is a great way to get feedback on your idea or writing.

7. Learn More About a Group of People

Learning more about people character and interest. You will know topic or what kind of article that is more preferred by the reader based on total of likes, share and comment, and also the most popular post you can see at blog statistic or Google Analytic

8. Gain Influence

What is the right way to influence the world? You can simply be a politician, activist or volunteer. If you can’t become three of them, so the best alternative is becoming a blogger. A success blogger will get a bunch of fans, admirers, trusts, and respects.

9. Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Sharpening and enhancing your skill. By blogging, knowledge and skills in particular fields will be improved, making it as a niche blog. Every people starts to blog on any topics they love or master. Blogging about blog will help you to show website development skill, as well as blogging about journalism will help you to show writing skill. By becoming an expert in the specific skill, you will be guaranteed with a better career, more appreciation and opportunity to be a consultant.

10. Build a Network

Accidentally, blogging will build your network. Blogging ensures you to get your own business and friendship network. “The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work,” say Robert Kiyosaki.

11. Learn In-Demand Skills

We will automatically learn by doing about web design, HTML, and CSS which are a high-value skill in the present and future. We will also learn graphic design, marketing, and social media marketing.

12. Improve Your SEO

Same as no 11, blogging will make us be familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), believing a process, technique, and method which aim to make a blog post is indexed quickly by Google or other search engines and to get top rated on search results page (SERP, Search Engine Result Page).

13. Collect Emails

Even though you have social media, but email still becomes one of the mainstays of communication media. People are used to checking email manually.  Blogging will open your way to collect email from comment or visitors who directly send an email to you. Therefore, don’t forget to provide “about me” page or “contact me” on your blog navigation.

14. Stay Knowledgeable in Your Field

Your knowledge about the latest news and your fields will be updated continuously. When writing a post, firstly you will google to collect the data related to your topic or to read some article belonging to another blogger.

15. Sell a Product

A blog can be media for online marketing. You can sell your product. Well, your facebook also does, but remember…. majority of facebook user don’t like adds.

16. Express Yourself

Blogging is a powerful form of self-expression. Blogging is  the best way to express yourself, even just for showing the videos or your favorite pictures.

17. Help Others

A good blog contains helpful post for the reader. You can talk about delicious food, tips to feed the dog and so on. By blogging, you will alms knowledge and inspire lots of people

Those are 17 benefits of having a blog. If you don’t have a blog, don’t be afraid to make it! Creating blog is free! Just need such a strong desire, a high motivation, and an obvious target.

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