My Personal Experience Ordering the Service of “Pijat Profesional Go Massage”

Small towel, lotion, oil and aromatherapi that set up by Go Massage

Some of you have probably heard information about Go-Jek. However, Go-Jek application does not only have online ojek service but also have lots of other services. For instance, Go-Massage Indonesia which provides the calling service of professional health massage in your home. Well, what a coincidence, few days ago I have ordered the service of “pijat profesional Go Massage”. My body feels so exhausted after returning from a business trip in Kalimantan. Yet, since I am so lazy to go to the masseuse, finally I prefer to use Go Massage gojek.

“Pijat profesional Go Massage” is not a weird massage service. You don’t think of erotic massage because all the masseuses of Go massage itself isn’t an improper person. Based on the information I found on everywhere and from Go Massage website, all the masseuses are professional with at least 2-year experiences in spa & wellness. Furthermore, when you choose Go Massage service in Go-Jek application, you’ll be offered by four options among others are full body massage; full body massage and scrub (lulur); full body massage and face pressure totok wajah; and full reflexology. But, since I only needed a massage on the feet and hand, then at that time I chose full reflexology.

How to Order Go Massage Gojek

Ordering the service of “Pijat profesional Go Massage” is actually quite easy. Only with a smartphone and internet connection, you could get the comfort of massage at your home. However, the most important thing is you should have installed Go-Jek application.

Firstly, open the Go-Jek application. On the home screen, you will be shown lots of provided services by gojek. You just tap on the Go Massage service with a logo like the people being massaged. There will be two options on the Go-Massage home screen: FAQ dan BOOK NOW. If you hesitate, then you should read the FAQ aka frequently ask questions, but if not, you just tap on the BOOK NOW button.

How to order Go Massage Gojek

Secondly, fill in a few details in the provided form such as service detail and personal detail. You can even set your own schedule, duration, type of massage services and also the preferred gender of masseuses. Generally, the ladies don’t want to be massaged by masseuses men, do you? That’s why gojek provides this option. Lastly, you will see the review order screen. After that, you just wait for the order confirmation via sms or email from Go Massage gojek

Sensation Using the Service of “Pijat Profesional Go Massage”

A half hour before the massage time, I was called by an unknown number. Obviously, he was a masseuse who will massage me. He reaffirmed my order and asked my address. But he was a bit late, although only 5 minutes. A thing that precisely made me amazed, he literally looked neat with a uniform and I didn’t smell something bad.

Afterward inside the home, the masseuse immediately set up his equipment such as small towel, lotion, oil and also aromatherapy. I am a bit astonished by his complete preparation. However, because I chose full reflexology, so I didn’t need to open my clothes, just my hand, feet, neck, shoulder and head were massaged. It was even done while sitting.

While massaging, I am who are not used to be massaged, exactly, feeling an incredible tickle sensation. But my body which is felt so tired gradually became a bit better. Especially my feet, because few days ago I was too much standing and walking. For the massage technique itself, I don’t quite understand. However, there are many techniques. Starting from the foot, hand, shoulder, neck, and head, everything got a massage. When you ask me the difference between masseuse man and women, of course, I don’t really know, but surely both are experienced.

The Masseuse is An Undergraduate Student of Management !!!

To be more intimate, the masseuse whose name was Imam asked me to chitchat. From the chat, I knew that he was younger than me. However, he has been working as a masseuse for six years, so he was quite experienced. Moreover, he has still been being an undergraduate student of management in one of the universities in Jakarta.

Imam who is actually an undergraduate student of management

Therefore, he decided to join Go Massage gojek in order to have more free time, because he should split his time to massage and study. By joining as a masseuse of “pijat profesional Go Massage”, he earned a good income and enough time to study while working. Armed with the skill of massage and knowledge of management, someday, he desired to start a business of massage in his hometown in Central Java. Knowing it, I was embarrassed because he was studying while working. In the meantime, I just asked everything to my parents.

Because of too much chat, unconsciously the duration of my massage was over. It has been an hour I was massaged by Imam. My body which is felt so tired was slightly better. But it seemed I didn’t want to stop to be massaged, probably because Imam’s massage was really professional, so it made me comfortable. Maybe next time I will order service of “Pijat profesional Go Massage” again, but with longer duration.

Based on that experience, I think the service of “Pijat profesional Go Massage” can be a solution for citizens in the great cities, especially Jabodetabek, who need the service of massage in the home. Without getting stuck in traffic, through the application, we can easily ask masseuse to come to our home. For the price itself is equivalent to the quality of massage, but it looks like the number of masseuses needs to be propagated, as well as the duration can be extended (with the same price).

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