Freelance Writer Tips : How To Write An Article With The Topic You Are Not Familiar With?

Are you familiar with the topic? (via pexel)

It looks like I will write about freelance writer more often on this blog. Since I don’t have other interesting topics, it leads me to make a niche for it. Anyway, I have been a freelance writer for the last two years, but I fairly confess that I just master a few topics like digital marketing, technology, lifestyle, and hobby. How do I deal if the project from client excludes my expertise? Something like medicine, economic, company, fashion or girly things is such a troublesome topic for me.

As a freelancer, I barely know whether the project I apply relate to an easy topic. In some cases, clients post a very limited information about the project. The freelancers will be surprised by the killer topic after getting approval. It also happened to me. I was offered to write something about an erotic article. Of course, I gave the courtesy to turn it down. However, what if the topic still makes sense but you are not familiar with it?

1. Don't fuck your writing up just because of the topic
When you get the topic you are not familiar with, it means you need endeavor and struggle. If you are used to writing a 500 words article in an hour, then you should take more time to do so. You need more preparation because you don’t really understand every single thing related to the topic. For me, I always beg a longer deadline than the usual topic to my client, just in case I don’t want to fuck it up.

2. Dig the information as much as possible
The only way to make it happened is to dig the information as much as possible. My limited knowledge about the new topic leads me to write in general point of view as if I was an amateur and I don’t like it. My typical writing is full of complicated information and scientific words. I also put a lot of links, quotations, or infographics into my article. Without mastering the topic, you will flirt with danger.

3. Drag the outline of the topic to know the definition and other parts
To figure out the new topic, you can begin with the outline. It will probably be easier if you know its definition then followed by the other parts. Sometimes, outline gives you the clear picture of what you should write. As well as the way you write can be guided by the outline. It so simple to write when you process it into beginning, main idea, and ending.

4. Blend some articles into one part without copying
I dare to say that this is not cheating as long as you keep it original by your effort. Since you are not familiar with the topic, you are allowed to scratch around for some articles and blend it into one part. This way will guide you to collect some pieces of information from a random article and furnish it with another information from another article. The rule has no exception, though. You should not copy the whole things.

5. Put the final touches to be perfect
This is just additional steps to bring your article to the next level. After the article is complete, it needs proofreading to eliminate the errors. You can also put some relevant pictures, link some websites, and quote some quotations or something like that in order to boost the quality. Basically, clients appreciate this kind of article!

The above tips are based on my habit to deal with the topic I am not familiar with. I think you guys can follow this tips if having the same problem for being a freelance writer.

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