Pros and Cons Being Part-Time Freelance Writer

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It’s been more than a year since I dived into the world of a freelancer. I lacked money back then. The salary as an office worker was insufficient to live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. So, I ended up to be a part-time freelance writer. Even though initialized by a lot of rejections from the clients, I kept building a perfect portfolio in writing by any means until I got my first project, writing product description for a printing company. I was so happy and impassioned since writing was my hobby and I would be paid for it. 

After getting some projects, the problems came up later. I didn’t have enough time to meet the deadline. I had to work in the office during the day and become a night creature doing my freelance projects. Coupled with poor time-management, I started to shatter my focus and stole time while working. Everything was disorganized!

That’s just my point of view about being a part-time freelance writer. Other people is likely to have a better experience as a part-time freelance writer. However, here are pros and cons being a part-time freelance writer :

Pros being part-time freelance writer 

If writing is your hobby, it will be a jackpot! 
I know there are a lot of novice writers spread across the internet. They have a personal blog or website to publish their writing. Mostly about a diary or everyday activities but they are enjoy doing so. Some of them even have a popular blog with plentiful of fans who don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

They actually have a desire to monetize their blog. The upper level will probably harness Google Adsense to earn profit but the rest keep it as a hobby without expecting a reward. If you are one of them, so there is nothing wrong for you to be a part-time freelance writer. You can do your hobby and earn money at once. Read this article about tips to become the best freelance writer!

You can do it anytime and anywhere 
When I became a part-time freelance writer, I had a poor time-management. I messed all things up and produced bad quality writing. But, I started to get used to multitasking and spend my free time as effective as possible. For instance, while I am commuting to the office, I always take a short time to write on my mobile phone. In addition, I am used to writing when waiting the trains or buses coming. Exactly, you can write anytime and anywhere as long as you are not busy.

Everyone can be a skilled writer 
I don’t have a background in literature studies, but I write autodidact by practicing. It is known that the more often you write, the better your writing. You should not surrender if your first masterpiece doesn’t match expectation. You just need more time to practice and learn a lot. I remember the first time having a blog (not this blog). It was several years ago when I was a high school student. At that moment I was inspired by a famous writer whose writing style was about humor and I really wanted to be like him. Then, I began to write day by day and improve my skills in writing gradually.

Thousands of projects in writing 
Based on some freelance websites, programmers have the most freelance projects then followed by designers and writers. A lot of businesses need a freelance writer to boost their content marketing strategy. It means you can bid thousands of projects in writing such as article, blog post, product description, landing page, press release, etc. In order to win the bidding, you need to build a perfect portfolio. These tips to create a killer writing portfolio will probably help you!

Cons being part-time freelance writer 

Writer earns less than programmer and others 
As I told in the previous statement, programmers have the most freelance projects. Unfortunately, they are also paid higher than writers. As a part-time freelance writer, sometimes I feel envious about how cheap the project I should do. For example (in Indonesia), building an easy online shop using WordPress costs 1.000.000 IDR, however, a programmer can finish it less than an hour by using a template. Whilst the writer only got 50.000 IDR to write a 500 words article in an hour. How sad I am!

Distressed by keywords to boost SEO 
I began to write on my blog and didn’t mind about the keywords. I just wrote everything that comes up in my head and paid more attention to coherence between sentences and paragraphs. I thought the best article was valued by the style. But, I was totally wrong. To get the highest rank on Google, you should have an eye for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Since being a part-time freelance writer, I learn to put the relevant keyword to boost SEO. But the most annoying is when you work with a client who thinks SEO is everything. He asks you to write based on the keyword, and he will give a lot of keywords that distress you.

Writing is related to your mood 
I believe that everyone has their own best time to write. For me, I can write easily in midnight, when all people is sleeping and there is no noise bothering me. Maybe some people have their golden time in the morning, but since I always wake up late, so it doesn’t work for me.

Even though you have found your best time to write, there is no guarantee going well if your mood doesn’t support. Always happened in writer’s life that mood will ruin our productivity.

The more words you write, the higher earning you get 
Rates for every writer is really different based on their experiences, skills, and portfolios. But in general, a freelance writer is paid based on the number of words. The more words they write, the higher earning they get. However, a client always set the limit of words but the topic is too much. If so, writers will exceed the limit because they can’t merge all the topic into an article.

I hope these pros and cons being a part-time freelance writer will help you a lot. Especially for those who want to be like me, a part-time freelance writer!

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