The Reasons Why I Move The Bow to be A Programmer By Joining Xsis Academy

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Some of you have already known that I was a prior freelance writer. But, I have indeed new activity now. I’m crawling to learn the basic of programming, making slow progress to be a real software engineer. Moving into the IT industry from non-IT background doesn’t matter. When there is a will, there is a way! 

I find that the programmer is very useful to our life. The rapid development of technology must be coupled with the emergence of the new reliable programmer. That’s why I value them having great future. Fortunately, there is Xsis Academy that provides programming bootcamp for people from diverse background. Thoughtlessly, I decided to be a part of Xsis Academy. The following is the reasons why I join the academy: 

1.Background doesn’t matter, anyone can be a programmer 

I’m holding the undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, I have work experience as content digital marketing for a year, and I’m also a freelance writer. It seems no correlation between each other. However, Xsis doesn’t concern about it. As long as having agile learning skill, anyone can be a programmer and join the bootcamp of Xsis Academy. 

2.The bootcamp of Xsis Academy is designed for zero-to-hero skill 

Due to diverse background’s participant, learning material is designed for building programming skill from zero to hero. I didn’t even know at all about the algorithm and oop concept back then, but the counselor teaches me step by step from the fundamental to complex. So, do not worry if you don’t have any programming skill! 

3.Bundling with two years program that guarantees you a job 

Xsis Mitra Utama stands in between outsource and permanent, but it mainly provides the IT expert for many companies. The graduate of Xsis Academy will be placed at the clients to do an IT project. Depending on your glasses, positively you’ll have full of experience to handle a bunch of projects. 

4.Projects make your resume more professional 

As mentioned before, there will be a lot of projects available for me while being a part of Xsis’s programmer. It means that I can put more list on my resume. It also helps me to be more professional when handling new project. The more projects, the more used! Eventually, my programming skills have very high value.

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